Seriously the best grilled pork chop around. Their wontons are also a rarity…thin skins, filling is high quality, excellent broth.  I prefer wonton here over Sang Kee which growing up was the closest to my mother’s recipe.

YelpPho 9, Mount Laurel

This is a great spot for Pho in Mount Laurel. It’s so fresh. The entire place is very clean and the staff is also extremely friendly and kind. My boyfriend and I do take out here once in a while and my sister and I come here for Pho all the time.

My favorite it the chicken Pho and the Thai spring rolls. I highly recommend it.

YelpPho 9, Mount Laurel

Absolute best! It’s the legit real deal Taiwanese place you’ll ever go to. Everything is so extremely fresh and the people there are so sweet and lively. And they’re spicy food is practically rip your face off spicy which is great since the other places change everything up for us Americans. I love that they stick with their culture and express it freely. I absolutely highly recommend going here! If you have kids your babies will get so much attention and they will play with your babies especially if they cry when you’re trying to eat (of course they will ask first) I love this place! Super caring to anyone! (Old, young, new, regular) worth it go for it and go back to try the next thing on the menu!

YelpPho 9, Mount Laurel

This is my favorite place to get Pho! For starters this restaurant is a cute and the workers are very nice. Every time I order here I get the Pho and grilled. Sometimes I will order it with BBQ beef or BBQ chicken. Regardless of which one I order they both are amazing! You will not leave this place hungry because the portion sizes are HUGE!!! You defiantly have to check this place out!

YelpPho 9, Mount Laurel

Just checked in! 5 stars for attentive service, outstanding food, clean establishment and decent prices!

This is our go-to pho place and we love it!

Never a wait when we walk in and our food comes out always on time and correctly

This review is long over due cause I’m always too busy stuffing my face in and devouring the delicious food here, this is our millionth time

YelpPho 9, Mount Laurel

Never had Pho before, but it was one of those things I knew I needed to try, and when I saw how close this spot was to my home there was no way I could NOT come.

Location is small – maybe about 10/12 tables, and about 5 of them had parties. We were seated immediately and the waiter served us with glasses of water. He came back again about 5 minutes later and took our app orders.

BBQ Summer Rolls (for my husband) and Crispy Spring Rolls (for me). Both good and worth ordering, but the Summer Rolls were better!

Now came time to order our main course. He ordered the seafood fried rice and I had chose Pho & Seafood. By this point I was practically dancing in my seat, lol. Food came out about 10 minutes later, but I couldn’t wait! The shrimp and scallops were delicious I just couldn’t get with the calamari in the Pho. The texture was a bit tougher than what I’m used to eating (prob because it’s fried when I eat it), but the broth was delish and I loved that I could put jalapeños to make it spicy. It couldn’t get it spicy enough though, so I added some Siracha in and that did the trick. Husband liked the fried rice, but not the calamari. Two for two means I’ll definitely be back either to dine in or take out.

Can’t tell you how many take out customers came and went while we were there. People love this place!

YelpPho 9, Mount Laurel

My usual is Pho, but today I decided to try Lemongrass soup added broccoli and shrimp. It was sooooo delicious!!! Full of flavor!! I did not have to add a bit of spice to make it taste better. Sooooo good. My rice was on the side so I can add it as I please. I thought it came with rice noodles, however the rice was a perfect match and a nice change for me.

Staff are nice and the restaurant is clean.

YelpPho 9, Mount Laurel

Good service, good environment.
Gonna coming back again
I got noodle soup today and it is huge…
Love this place and will bring fris come here next time

YelpPho 9, Cherry Hill

This is my favorite pho restaurant. Great service, great food, great atmosphere.  I would definitely recommend this place to all my friends and family.

YelpPho 9, Cherry Hill

This place is Pho-nominal.

Pho bowls are huge and delicious stuffed with noodles, scallions, onions, and whatever filling you pick. Shakes are awesome and slightly frozen giving a great twist to bubble tea. Don’t forget the spring rolls they are crunchy and come with an amazing sauce. 10/10 my new favorite spot. Great staff and location.

YelpPho 9, Cherry Hill

Had the pho and green papaya salad with shrimps. The pho broth is fragrant and on the less salty side, so if you like your soup a bit saltier, add a bit of hoisin sauce. The beef was tender and they gave us generous portions of meats and noodles.

Green papaya salad was perfectly seasoned. Very light and refreshing with the mint, yet also quite savory with the light fish sauce.

Staff was wonderful. Even though the restaurant was packed with customers, our food came promptly and drinks were replenished often. The owners came to check on us and say hi. The short-haired waitress was super nice and patient. There’s also a waiter that has a badass OG haircut that looks like Japanese yakuza lol. 5 stars for haircut.

Ok now the price is a bit high for Vietnamese food standards. Average price in the area is around $8-$9 for a bowl of pho. Pho9 charges around $13. However, this location is a busy area so I imagine the rent must be higher than other places. So for the sake of convenience, being close to popular shopping malls, Wegmans, movie theater, etc., I think the price is fair. If you want a good deal, make the trek to Thai Son or Phu Khang in Pennsauken.  Can’t go wrong with any of these 3 places though.

Happy eatings !

YelpPho 9, Cherry Hill

Take out was awesome! Everything was packaged perfectly. I ordered so many different things and it all came out great. Staff was super helpful and nice. Can’t wait to visit again!!!

YelpPho 9, Cherry Hill

A wonderful, delightful, and pleasing experience.
I wasn’t expecting much when I first entered the location. I thought – Just another Pho.
Man, was I surprised by the friendliness of the staff, the quality of the food, and how fast it was prepared. (Have to mention that it was prepared 100% the specific way that I asked for an item that is not a standard menu item!)
Highly recommended.

YelpPho 9, Cherry Hill
Really glad I found this place!

I visited Pho 9 (Pho Xinh) in Mount Laurel for the first time today. I have been to Vietnam multiple times. This is as close as I can get to traditional! The broth they use in their Pho is so earthy and aromatic. Service was very fast and friendly! I can’t wait to go back!

DanPho 9, Mount Laurel